Bathrooms can make or break the overall design of the house. It is so significant that home sellers and developers focus design and renovation efforts on the room.

An outdated bath can turn off prospective buyers or depress its user, while the modern, sleek and stimulating modern bath can energise and excite. Bathroom styles and trends are dynamic, you must upgrade the look as often as every few years. The easiest way to remodel your bathroom is by changing the tiles. Check out these modern bathroom tile designs and trends.

Beautiful Grey

This grey minimalist bathroom is modern, sleek and cool! Silver, white and blue accents provide points of interest while the grey overall tone keeps the room relaxing and comforting. Its modern elements also include the strategically built-in shelves.

A Terrazzo Floor

A burst of colour and style! The trendy millennial pink of the interiors is punctuated with white accents and complemented by the arresting speckled terrazzo flooring. Very colourful and very modern.

Vertical Stripes

A bit nostalgic, but definitely modern. The shower features a two-tone striped wall from two shades of subway tiles – white and blue-grey. The result is a wistful nod to the nautical look – carefree, innocent and romantic.

Pastel Shades

Colourful bathroom accents walls are hot and trendy. This cool and modern bathroom features a creatively tiled wall of pastels. The tan and russet shades pick up the wood accents while the blues complement the dominant white interiors.

Rustic Bricks

Adding bricks or brick inspired tiles to your bathroom gives the room a warm rustic touch. It shakes off the dullness and coldness of the modern bathrooms. The bathroom effectively combines the modern elements – smooth tiles and neutral colours, with charming accents – brick wall, vintage faucets and plants in recycled containers.

Teal in the Shower

The lovely blue-green shade of teal provides a pop of colour to the neutral tones of this modern bath. Complementing both the bright white walls and black accents, the teal wall provides an interesting detail.

Glossy Black Herringbone

Add a bit of shine to your sombre and neutral bathroom. This glossy black herringbone wall gives the modish and edgy modern bath good perk up. Stylish and chic.

Weathered Wood

Wood elements are popular minimalist and modern accents. This posh bathroom of marble walls, silver accents and the glass-encased green wall is balanced by the warm and charming weathered wood flooring.

Mother of Pearl

Elegant and rich, the mother of pearl bathroom wall is the perfect accent to the classy and timeless bathroom design. The one-inch square mosaic wall provides an interesting and delicate detail to a room of flat surfaces.

Pink Diamonds

The trendy millennial pink shade perfectly complements the modern grey tones. This bathroom features the contemporary bare concrete finish and is matched by the chic and modern pink diamond tiling. Gorgeous!

Grey Slate

Slate is classy and timeless. The understated beauty of the slate tile textures is enough to dress a bathroom. This modish and stately grey bath uses the slate tile in its many forms and sizes.

Marble Fish Scale

The fish scale tile can easily go tacky and dated. But, this marble version of the popular design is modern, eye-catching and stylish. Keep the rest of the interiors clean so as not to overwhelm the interiors.

Glacier Glass in Herringbone

Glacier glass tiles are glossy, elegant and modern. Picking up the right colour will complement or highlight key room designs. This blue-grey glacier glass tiles in a herringbone pattern provide the colour and cool to the modern bathroom.

Marble Hex

Marble is a classic bathroom element – luxurious, beautiful and elegant. Upgrade the standard marble wall with the marble hex tiles. The smaller tiles in an interesting shape will give your bathroom walls more texture, more shades and intricate details.

All in White

White is consistently among the most popular bathroom ideas and designs. This stunning white bathroom is made modern by its minimalist styling. Designs and décor mainly come from the different shapes and patterns of the white tiles used.

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